Conditions of Sale

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Conditions of Sale
Art. 1 General provisions

1.1 The present general conditions, except for any exceptions specifically agreed in writing, regulate all current and future sales contracts between the parties.

Art. 2 Formation and object of the contract. Cancellation of orders

2.1 Each order commits based in Giugliano in Campania, via Vicinale Amodio 21/57, only after its written acceptance. The acceptance of the order by can also consist in its execution.

2.2. The buyer’s order constitutes a purchase offer. No order can be canceled without the written consent of In case of cancellation of orders without written consent, also reserves the right to request compensation for damages. reserves the right to cancel fully or partially accepted orders or to delay delivery.

Art. 3 Delivery and terms

3.1 The products, if available, will be delivered within 2-3 working days (from 5 to 7 working days for the Islands and Calabria), these terms are not intended to be binding.

3.2 Shipping costs are included at the displayed selling price.

3.3 All risks relating to products supplied by will pass to the buyer upon their delivery.

3.4 under no circumstances will be held liable to the purchaser for loss, theft or damage occurring after delivery of the products to the customer.

3.5 Deliveries may at any time be interrupted, suspended, or canceled by without any obligation to pay damages.

3.6 The delivery terms are only indicative and non-peremptory, referring to working days starting from the date of arrival to the headquarters of the order (s). Any delays can not give rise to compensation for damages or cancellation or reduction of order and contingencies, such as strikes, suspensions of electricity, fires, transport difficulties, machine breakdowns, difficulty in the supply of raw materials, etc. , constitute cases of force majeure for
In case of non-delivery of the purchased products, for reasons not dependent on, the storage costs for the purchaser with exemption of from any responsibility for fire or damage will start.

3.7 In cases of non-collection, the buyer will still be required to pay the costs of storage and the will have the right to instruct a trusted carrier to collect the goods at the expense of the buyer.

Art. 4 New orders – Integrations

4.1 All orders in addition to the main supply will always be subject to these general conditions of sale.

Art. 5 Prices

5.1 Prices include VAT and are those shown on the price lists in force at the time of ordering.

5.2 Prices and discounts are subject to change without notice by

5.3 All orders received after the successful modification of the price lists, as well as shipments scheduled beyond thirty days from the communication of the change, are subject to the new prices.

Art. 6 Complaints and refunds

6.1 Complaints of any kind must be documented and sent by registered letter directly to the headquarters of via Vicinale Amodio 21/57, 80014, Giugliano in Campania. The deadline for returning the goods is 14 days.

6.2 reserves the right to refuse returns sent or communicated after the deadline, or those items that do not present the conditions for receiving the product.

6.3 Once the goods have been returned, the customer will send the package within 1-2 working days. The items must be returned with the original packaging and accompanied by the receipt,

6.3 Any other form of communication of the existence of faults and / or defects and / or lack of conformity of the purchased goods will not be able to interrupt the expiry of the law if not carried out in the forms provided for by the superiors.

6.4 Once the return is approved, the buyer will receive the amount paid in the same way that you made the purchase.

6.5 The return is charged to the customer.

6.6 Claims received in ways other than those described above will not be considered.

6.7 Any accreditation will take place only after has authorized the withdrawal, and received the returned goods in return and verified the reason for the claim itself.
The amount of the credit will be the difference between the value of the product and the cost of shipping incurred by
If the analysis of the returned products is not attributable to the buyer will not be entitled to any credit and will return the goods at the expense of the buyer.

Art. 7 Payments

7.1 Payments are invalid if not made directly to

7.2 Payments can never be suspended or delayed – even in part – for any reason and the Buyer is prevented from raising any objection before having correctly complied with the payment obligation.

7.3 Any delay or irregularity in the payment gives the the right to suspend deliveries or to terminate contracts in progress, even if not related to the payments in question, as well as the right to compensation for any damages (including those for currency devaluation) ). has in any case the right – starting from the expiry of the payment, without the need for a formal notice – to legal interests, increased by five points.

7.4 Compensation with any receivables claimed by the Purchaser against the is not permitted unless authorized by the company itself. In case of non-payment, even if only partial, has the right – at its discretion – to request the buyer to pay the full amount of the contract or to declare the contract terminated with the right to obtain the return of the delivered products and to retain, as compensation for damages, the sums collected up to that moment, without prejudice to any other action for the greater damage.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)